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It's just a wasted resource

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

To minimise deer damage to their business Tasmanian farmers must apply for cull tags issued by the government under crop protection permits.  After each deer is killed it must be tagged so it can be accounted for. Deer killed under this system cannot be sold commercially for pet food or human consumption. Whether the deer is shot by a recreational hunter carcasses can only be used privately by the person shooting them, or left to rot. Over the past 6 years demand for crop protection permits has increased around 400%. And, to make matters worse, not every tag is used. Currently, between 6000 and 10,000 crop protection tags are not taken up.

There is simply not enough incentive for recreational hunters to cull enough deer to safeguard farmers crops. As one hunter has put it, "There is only so much venison you can give away." Aside from the damage to farmers and property holders, this is a shocking waste of potentially valuable protein. Please tell the Minister you support commercial use of deer culled under the existing crop protection system.

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