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Counting the Cost #3

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

In Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory wild deer are managed as an invasive pest. However, since being introduced for hunting in the 1800s, in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania wild deer have been a protected species. Ironically, they have been more protected than many native marsupials.

Every Tasmanian farmer we have talked to tells the same story. Decades ago when poison was used as a crop protection control method, deer were confined to their traditional grazing areas in the midlands. However, over the last two decades, numbers of deer have escalated, and they now range much further across the state, and in far greater numbers. In Victoria and NSW, deer populations have also dramatically increased. Victoria has introduced open commercial culling. NSW has announced a $9 Million deer control program. Tasmania has the opportunity to take the reasonable middle road with a viable commercial trial that works within the existing regulated system. Traditional recreation hunting rights need to be protected. But farmers need more control over their own crops and livelihood. Please tell the Minister you support commercial use of deer culled under the existing crop protection system.

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