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The only alternatives: incentivise the cull or bring back poison.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Deer populations around Tasmania have escalated in recent years. The reasons for the escalation are varied, but a contributing cause was that the once widespread requirement under Government policy to use poison (1080) to control game intrusions into productive farmland and forestry plantations was changed. Death by 1080 is painful, prolonged and distressing. Animals stagger around, thirsting, frightened, disoriented and convulsing, sometimes for days until they succumb to central nervous system collapse, coronary or respiratory failure or are attacked by predators they cannot fend off due to paralysis. Widespread public disgust at the use of 1080 led to the Tasmanian Government phasing out it out on Forestry Tasmania lands in 2005. While the use of 1080 has decreased since then, legal access has remained in place. With few methods available to control escalating damage to crops and fences, incentivising the deer cull is a clear alternative that can give famers and landholders more control. Please tell the Minister you support commercial use of deer culled under the existing crop protection system.

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