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Farmers just want to be given a choice

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Pastoralist Amy Grubb from Strathroy believes the Government needs a different approach. “There doesn’t have to be a loser here. The way the debate is pitched at the moment is that on the one hand there are recreational shooters who have a culture and history of having venison in the freezer for personal use which is pitted against the commercial use of deer –meanwhile the farmers need to manage their own crops and their profitability. But the numbers now are of such quantity that farmers need the option of a more professional approach.”

There is a win-win solution that could be easily achieved. Farmers like Amy Grubb simply want to be given the choice to manage the risk to their investment in crops. The population explosion of feral deer means that without the option of commercial wild deer culling many farmers have limited resources to protect their crops.

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